It all started when 40+ cats and kittens were left behind in Rainier, Washington, by their owners following a foreclosure and eviction of their home.
Thurston County Animal Services refused to go to the home site, but said they would take in any cats that could be brought to them. Thinking that these cats would get a chance, 5 adults and 5 kittens were dropped off. When notified they planned on euthanizing all of them, it was requested that all the cats be returned so they could receive appropriate medical care. Thurston County Animal Services refused to give them back, but offered to sell each sick cat at the shelter's going rate. Sadly no one was prepared to post bail in the amount of $620.00.

Darcy Eggeman, who is a real estate agent for RE/MAX in Olympia, Washington opened her home to create a mini rescue for some of the cats. In June 2009 she began with 21 cats and kittens needing forever homes. All of them required substantial veterinary care which included testing, shots, altering and dental work. We then signed up on and started a shelter. Another Olympia RE/MAX agent, Jessica, contacted us and requested we list some of her cats that she had also rescued from various foreclosures.

We currently receive at least one call a week asking for help, clearly indicating a need for another shelter/rescue in the area. With this in mind we formed Foreclosure Pets.
We have received Non-profit Status with the State of Washington and have filed for our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and are also in the process of filing for Charity status with both.

Our Mission is: To help cats who have been left behind as a result of economic hardship or foreclosure, get spayed, neutered and find loving forever homes. Once we receive a cat or usually several cats and kittens, we first take them to a local vet to remove fleas and get medication for any health condition. They are also tested for FIV and Feline
Leukemia. They go back to Darcy’s or Jessica’s home and are cared for, fed healthy food, socialized and loved. Once healthy they go back for spaying/neutering and shots, and are placed on the website, site, flyers, and the word is passed to help find them homes. Almost all the costs are paid by Darcy and Jessica personally.
Once we find a suitable forever home, we require an adoption agreement to ensure that these cats do not end up in another bad situation. Declawing is an unequivocal NO because it is a cruel and inhumane amputation.

Our wish list includes funding for additional veterinary care and to help expand the shelter, named “Hope’s Feline Sanctuary” after a particularly hard to place cat that was the epitome of the rescue.

Our Goals as we form the organization is to continue our mission as stated, as well as finding grants to help others spay/neuter and educate the public on the importance and responsibility of pet ownership.